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A different name, the same great service

Our history of doing right by our customers stretches back more than a century.

In 2019, First Bank Mortgage, a division of First Bank, officially changed its name to Belay Bank Mortgage in its Nebraska markets. The First Bank story began over 100 years ago in a small community in St. Louis to help local clients reach their financial goals. Although First Bank has grown to be one of the largest family-owned banks in the country, the steadfast commitment to serving our clients—and treating them like family—still remains the same. 

We’ve historically served as a steadfast partner supporting our clients throughout their financial journey. Much like avid rock climbers rely on a trusted colleague and friend to belay, or secure, them as they ascend upward, our clients depend on us to help support them as they’re striving to scale new heights. That’s why we chose our new name, Belay Bank Mortgage. Together, we overcome obstacles and make great things, like homeownership, happen. 

When you’re in the market to buy your first home, ready to move up to a larger one, wish to purchase a vacation condo, or you realize it’s simply an ideal time to refinance, let Belay Bank Mortgage serve as your belay in helping you achieve your dreams.

Belay Bank Mortgage is a Nebraska-based division of First Bank, a full-service bank with branches in Missouri, Illinois, and California as well as mortgage operations in Kansas.

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