Professional Loan Program

Special loans for doctors and lawyers.
  • Help make a smooth transition to a new practice.
  • Reduce costs with low down payments.
  • Benefit from one-on-one loan assistance.
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Settle into your new home as you start your new position.

Our Professional Loans come with low down payments and flexible income standards.

Medical and legal professionals play a vital role in our communities. At Belay Bank, we're committed to making your transition to a new town as smooth as possible. As soon as you decide to move, contact us about special loans designed to get your living situation settled so you can focus your energies on your important work.

  • Secure a home prior to a career change, move, or relocation.
  • Close on a loan based on current or contracted guaranteed employment and income levels.
  • Finance a single-family house or a home in a planned unit development as your primary residence.
  • Reduce upfront costs with low down payments.
  • Take advantage of zero or low down payments options - including zero down payment up to $700,000 or as little as 5% down for loans up to $1,000,000.
  • Save long term with no private mortgage insurance required.
  • Work with the same experienced loan advisor from application to closing.

Get Started

  • Find a Belay Bank Mortgage Home Loan Advisor in your area. We will answer any questions you may have, discuss your loan application and any required forms we will need. Once you establish a relationship with a Belay Bank Mortgage Home Loan Advisor, we will work diligently to move you through the loan process, and you will enjoy a single point of contact from application to close. Once you find a loan advisor, you can begin your online application. 
  • View or print the Mortgage Application Checklist. Review the list to ensure you have the necessary information and paperwork to begin the loan approval process.

Let Belay Bank's highly-trained professionals walk you through the process, so you can focus on what you do best. Belay Bank Mortgage is a Nebraska-based division of First Bank, a full-service bank with branches in Missouri, Illinois, and California as well as mortgage operations in Kansas.

*Loan is subject to credit approval and program guidelines.
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